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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Distress, Version 1.2017


Have you received help?

Questions to ask

Questions to ask

Ask your health care providers questions about distress. Being informed will help you make decisions.

The questions below are in regard to the care you read about in this book. Feel free to use them or

ask your own questions.

It may help to prepare questions before your visit. At the visit, repeat the answers given to you to

confirm what you heard. You can also take notes and record your visit so you can later review what

was said. Many people bring their spouse, partner, friend, or other family member for support.


1. Is my symptom(s) part of being distressed?

2. Will my distress just go away in time?

3. How can you help me?

4. How can I help myself?

5. What help will my insurance cover?