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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Distress, Version 1.2017


Have you received help?





Distress management is a new standard

of quality cancer care. Expect and ask for

help from your cancer care team.



Ask your health care providers questions

about distress. Being informed will help

you make decisions.



There are community resources that can

help. Many of these resources can be

found online.

I talk with people every day who are

in a place of despair. When they call

us, they’ve usually just experienced

a one-two punch. First, they’ve been

told they have cancer. Second, after

receiving encouraging news that there

is medication that can potentially save

their lives, they are devastated to

discover the out-of-pocket cost of the

medication is beyond their financial

means, because insurance won’t pay

the full amount.


Patient Care Specialist