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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Esophageal Cancer, Version 1.2016


Treatment guide: Squamous cell carcinoma Early cancer

Guide 5

lists follow-up care after endoscopic

treatment. Follow-up care is started when there are

no signs of cancer after treatment. Which tests are

advised is based on how far the tumor has grown into

the esophageal wall.

For all early cancers, medical history, physical exam,

and upper GI endoscopy are needed. Endoscopies

can look for Barrett’s esophagus, HGD, or cancer.

A biopsy should be done to test for cancer even when

no abnormal spots are seen with the endoscope.

For T1b tumors, imaging tests are needed. Imaging

tests may reveal if cancer is growing in places other

than your esophagus. How often an imaging test is

needed is based on how far the tumor has grown into

the submucosa. Superficial T1b tumors have slightly

grown into the submucosa and deep T1b tumors have

grown farther.