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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Hodgkin Lymphoma, Version 1.2015


Treatment planning



• A medical history, physical exam, and blood

tests can reveal signs of cancer. Blood tests

are also used to see if you have an illness

other than cancer.

• Imaging tests allow doctors to see inside your

body without cutting into it. Imaging tests that

are used for Hodgkin lymphoma are CT, PET/

CT, and chest x-ray.

• A bone marrow biopsy removes a piece of

bone and marrow to test for cancer cells. You

may have this biopsy if blood tests show low

blood cell counts.

• You may undergo heart and lung tests to see

if you are healthy enough to have certain

cancer treatments.

• You may need to receive vaccinations

to protect you from illness during cancer

treatment. Ask your treatment team which

vaccines are safe to get.

• Talk to a fertility specialist to learn about

ways to help you have babies after cancer

treatment. If you may be pregnant now, get a

pregnancy test since some cancer treatments

can harm unborn babies.

• Seek help to quit smoking and feel less