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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Hodgkin Lymphoma, Version 1.2015


Treatment guide: Classical Hodgkin lymphoma Review


• First-time treatment for classic Hodgkin

lymphoma almost always consists of

chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Sometimes, chemotherapy alone is given if it

works really well. More chemotherapy is given

to cancers that are larger or more widespread.

• Refractory cancer is cancer that isn’t cured

during first-time treatment. Chemotherapy is

often first used for treatment. If the cancer

responds well, you may have a stem cell

transplant with or without radiation therapy.

If the cancer responds less well, you may

receive other drug treatments with or without

radiation therapy. Radiation therapy alone

is also an option to treat refractory disease

following chemotherapy.

• A relapse is cancer that re-appears on tests

after a cancer-free period. Treatment options

for stage IA or IIA depend on whether you had

radiation therapy before. If not, chemotherapy

with or without stem cell transplant, radiation

therapy, or both is often first used. For some

people, radiation therapy alone may be first

used. Treatment for all other relapsed cancers

is like treatment for refractory disease.

• Follow-up care is given when there are no

signs of cancer after treatment. Follow-up

care includes tests that check for signs of

cancer and side effects of cancer treatment. It

also includes treatment that prevents disease.