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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Hodgkin Lymphoma, Version 1.2015


Treatment guide: Nodular lymphocyte-

predominant Hodgkin lymphoma

Follow-up care

Chart 5.4.2 Year 6 and on

Type of care

Schedule of care

Medical history and physical exam

• Every year


• Every year

Blood chemistry profile

• Every year

Thyroid-stimulating hormone test if you had

radiation therapy to your neck

• At least every year

Lipid test

• Twice a year

Blood pressure

• Every year

Maybe heart stress tests and echocardiogram • Every 10 years

Maybe carotid ultrasound if you had radiation

therapy to your neck

• Every 10 years

High blood pressure and blood glucose medicine

• As needed

Help to have a healthy lifestyle

eg, exercise, no smoking

• As needed

Breast cancer screening if you had radiation

therapy to the chest or armpit

• Every year starting 8–10 years after treatment

or at age 40, whichever comes first

Low-dose CT scan of your chest if you are at high

risk for lung cancer due to cancer treatment or

smoking habits

• As needed

Colonoscopy if 50 years old or older or if age 40

and likely to get colon cancer

• Every 10 ten years

Pneumococcal, meningococcal, and H-flu re-


• Between 5 to 7 years after first vaccine

Flu shot

• Every year

Fertility counseling

• As needed