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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Hodgkin Lymphoma, Version 1.2015


• First-time treatment for stage IA or IIA cancers

depends on if the cancer is large (bulky).

Most small cancers are treated with radiation

therapy. All other stage I and II cancers are

treated with chemotherapy and radiation

therapy. Rituximab may be added.

• Stage III and IV cancers are often treated with

chemotherapy. Radiation therapy, rituximab,

or both may be added. Stage IIIA and IVA may

be treated with radiation therapy or rituximab


• Refractory cancer is cancer that isn’t cured

during first-time treatment. Relapse is cancer

that re-appears on tests after a cancer-free

period. Refractory or relapsed cancers that

are causing symptoms may be treated with

rituximab. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or

both may be added.

• Follow-up care is given when there are no

signs of cancer after treatment. Follow-up

care includes tests that check for signs of

cancer and side effects of cancer treatment. It

also includes treatment that prevents disease.


Treatment guide: Nodular lymphocyte-

predominant Hodgkin lymphoma