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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Kidney Cancer, Version 1.2017


Cancer staging

Kidney cancer stages | Review

Your treatment team

Treating kidney cancer takes a team approach. A

urologist is a doctor who’s an expert in diseases

of the urinary system and the male reproductive

system. A medical oncologist is a doctor who’s an

expert in treating cancer with drugs. A radiation

oncologist is an expert at treating cancer with

radiation. A surgeon is an expert in operations to

remove or repair a part of the body. A pathologist is

an expert in testing cells and tissue to find disease.

Your primary care doctor can also be part of your

team. He or she can help you express your feelings

about treatments to the team. Treatment of other

medical problems may be improved if he or she is

informed of your cancer care. Besides doctors, you

may receive care from nurses, social workers, and

other health care professionals. Ask to have the

names and contact information of your health care

providers included in the treatment plan.

Cancer treatment

There is no single treatment practice that is best for

all patients. There is often more than one treatment

option, including clinical trials. Clinical trials study

how well a treatment works and its safety.

A guide to kidney cancer treatment options can be

found in Part 5. The treatment that you and your

doctors agree on should be reported in the treatment

plan. It is also important to note the goal of treatment

and the chance of a good treatment outcome. All

known side effects should be listed and the time

required to treat them should be noted. See Part

4 for a list of some of the possible side effects of

kidney cancer treatments.

Your treatment plan may change because of new

information. You may change your mind about

treatment. Tests may find new results. How well

the treatment is working may change. Any of these

changes may require a new treatment plan.




Cancer staging is how doctors rate and

describe the extent of cancer in the body.



Kidney cancer is grouped into stages to help

plan treatment.



Cancer stages are defined by the growth and

spread of the tumor.



Doctors use certain tests, called staging tests,

to find out how much the cancer has grown and




Ask to have the names and contact information

of your health care providers included in the

treatment plan.

For anyone just recently diagnosed,

please don't give up hope. Take care

of yourself, eat healthy and do your


- Sandra