NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

103 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell, 2018 lobectomy Surgical removal of an entire lobe. local anesthesia A loss of feeling in a small area of the body caused by drugs. low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) A test that uses little amounts of radiation to make pictures of inside the body. lymph A clear fluid containing white blood cells. lymph node Small groups of special disease-fighting cells located throughout the body. lymph node dissection All groups of disease-fighting cells are removed from a cluster. lymph node sampling One group of disease-fighting cells is removed from a cluster. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) A test that uses radio waves and powerful magnets to see the shape and function of body parts. maintenance treatment Treatment given to continue good treatment results. mediastinal lymph nodes Groups of disease-fighting cells in the middle of the chest. mediastinal pleura The lining of the lung at the center of the chest. mediastinoscope A thin, long tube fitted with tools to work inside the chest. mediastinoscopy Use of a thin tool inserted above the breastbone to do work in the middle of the chest. mediastinum The area of the chest between the lungs. medical history All health events and medications taken to date. metastasis The spread of cancer cells from the first tumor to another body part. molecular testing Tests of any molecule in your body that can be measured to assess your health. Also called biomarker testing. multiple primary tumor One or more unrelated masses of cancer cells. mutation Abnormal changes in the instructions within cells for making and controlling cells (genes). navigational bronchoscopy Use of a thin tool guided down the mouth into the smallest airways of the lung. nodule A small mass of tissue. non-small cell lung cancer A cancer that starts in lung cells that are not small. non-solid nodule A small mass of tissue of low density. observation A period of testing for cancer growth. parietal pleura The outer layer of the lining around the lungs. part-solid nodule A small mass of tissue with areas of low and high density. pathologic stage Rating the extent of a tumor based on tests after treatment. pathologist A doctor who’s an expert in testing cells to find disease. percutaneous needle biopsy Insertion of a needle through the skin into a mass to remove tissue for testing. performance status A rating of one’s ability to do daily activities. peribronchial lymph nodes Groups of disease-fighting cells in the lung around the main airway. pericardial effusion Excess fluid between the two tissue layers of the heart’s lining. Dictionary