NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

25 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell, 2018 M = Metastasis The M score tells you if there are metastases to distant sites. Lung cancer tends to spread to the brain, adrenal gland, and to the lung without the primary tumor. M scores for lung cancer include: † † M0 means the cancer hasn’t spread to distant sites. † † M1 means the cancer has spread to distant sites. • M1a means the cancer has spread: a) from one lung into the other lung; b) into the lung’s lining (pleura) and has formed secondary nodule(s); c) into the heart’s lining (pericardium) and has formed secondary nodule(s), or d) into the fluid around the lungs or the heart. • M1b means the cancer has spread to one site outside the chest area. • M1c means the cancer has spread to multiple sites outside the chest area. 3 Cancer staging TNM scores A major mass in left lung was found but no tumors elsewhere. I was told it was stage 4 because the pleural effusion fluid tested positive for cancer cells. Then, I developed bilateral embolisms in my lungs. – Fred Lung cancer survivor “