NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

76 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell, 2018 N3 disease Guide 16 lists treatment options for N3 disease. Surgery will not remove enough of the cancer. Thus, chemoradiation is an option. These two types of treatments should be given at the same time. Chemoradiation may greatly reduce tumor size. If the cancer does not worsen after 2 or more cycles of chemoradiation, durvalumab may be received. It may also slow down the growth of the cancer. Survivorship plan Guide 17 lists the health care that is advised for a survivorship plan. These plans start when treatment is done and tests show no signs of cancer. The plan should address your whole health and well-being. Talk with your doctor about making a plan together. Cancer tests Follow-up cancer tests are given to find any new lung tumors early. These tests include a medical history, physical exam, and chest CT scan with or without contrast. The timing of tests partly depends if radiation therapy was part of your treatment. Read Guide 17 for recommended time frames. Your doctor will decide when testing is needed within a time frame. General health tests Besides follow-up tests, tests of your general health are advised. After going through treatment for cancer, it may be hard to think about taking care of “less important” issues. However, your general health can have a big impact on your well-being. Have your blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose checked on a regular basis. Some people also need bone density testing. Disease prevention Likewise, take steps to prevent other diseases. Such steps can include getting immunization shots for the flu, herpes, and other diseases. Dental cleaning and exams on a regular basis can prevent disease, too. Screening tests for other cancers are also very important. Healthy lifestyle The last recommendation is to start or keep a healthy lifestyle. There is proof that healthy behaviors can improve your treatment results. Limiting your use of alcohol, protecting yourself from the sun, and being at a healthy weight are important. 6 Non-metastatic cancer One primary tumor – Stage III