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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Lung Cancer Screening, Version 1.2017


How can you learn more?

Find a good screening plan

Find a good screening plan

A good screening plan will have many benefits with

few and minor risks. Before starting a screening plan,

talk with your doctor about all of the possible benefits

and risks of the plan. Some benefits and risks of

screening plans are listed in

Guide 15


What benefits should



Better survival and quality of life


Less testing and treatment


Support to quit smoking


Lower costs

Guide 15. Screening programs



• Screening can reduce the number of deaths from

lung cancer and other causes.

• Screening doesn’t always find cancer early enough to

be cured.

• Lung cancer found by screening is often an earlier

stage of disease than cancer found because of


• Some people get treated even though the cancer grows

so slowly that it won’t cause death. They can also get

treated because screening results were unclear or


• People whose cancer was found with screening

more often can have minimally invasive surgery

and have less lung tissue removed.

• Some people get unneeded tests. Imaging tests can

include unnecessary contact with radiation.

List what you think are benefits and risks for you. Share them with your doctor.

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