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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Lung Cancer Screening, Version 1.2017


low-dose computed tomography (LDCT)

A test that uses little amounts of radiation to make pictures

of the inside of the body.


An organ in the body made of airways and air sacs.

lung capacity

The amount of air the lungs can hold.

lymph node

A small group of disease-fighting cells.


A tool that uses lenses to see things the eyes can’t.


A sticky, thick liquid that moisturizes or lubricates.

navigational bronchoscopy

Use of a thin tool guided down the mouth into the smallest

airways of the lung.


A silvery-white metal.


A small mass of tissue.

non-solid nodule

A small mass of tissue of low density.

pack years

The number of cigarette packs smoked every day multiplied

by the number of years of smoking.

part-solid nodule

A small mass of tissue with areas of low and high density.

percutaneous needle biopsy

Insertion of a needle through the skin into a mass to remove

tissue for testing.


An infection causing the lungs to fill up with pus.

positron emission tomography (PET)

A test that uses radioactive material to see the shape and

function of body parts.

pulmonary fibrosis

Major scarring of lung tissue.


A doctor who’s an expert in lung diseases.

radiation therapy

Treatment with radiation.


A doctor who’s an expert in reading imaging tests.


A gas without odor, taste, or color that is made from uranium

as it decays.


A tool that holds back the edges of a surgical cut.

risk factor

Something that increases the chance of getting a disease.

robotic-assisted thoracic surgery (RATS)

Use of robotic controls guided by a surgeon to do work in

the chest.

scar tissue

Supportive fibers formed to heal a wound.

second-hand smoke

Inhaled smoke from a lit smoking product or that was

exhaled from a smoker.


A drug that helps a person relax or go to sleep.


Surgical removal of a large part of a lobe.


A natural mineral mostly found in sand.

solid nodule

A small mass of tissue of high density.


An operation to remove or repair tissue.

surgical margin

The normal tissue around the tumor removed during



A physical sign or patient report of a health condition.