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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma, Version 1.2016



A clearly seen division in an organ or part of the body.

local anesthesia

A controlled loss of feeling in a small area of the body from



An organ in the body made of airways and air sacs.


A clear fluid containing white blood cells.

lymph node sampling

Removal of one group of disease-fighting cells from a


lymph nodes

Small groups of special disease-fighting cells located

throughout the body.

lymph vessels

Tube-shaped ducts that carry lymph throughout the body.

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A test that uses radio waves and powerful magnets to make

pictures of the inside of the body showing the shape and

function of body parts.

mediastinal lymph nodes

Groups of disease-fighting cells in the middle of the chest.


A thin, long tube fitted with tools to do work inside the chest.


Use of a long, thin tool inserted through a small cut above

the breastbone to view organs inside the middle of the chest

and remove tissue.


The area of the chest between the lungs.

medical history

All health events and medications taken to date.

medical oncologist

A doctor who’s an expert in the medical therapies for cancer.


A rare cancer that starts in the thin layer of tissue that

covers most organs inside the body.


A single layer of cells that makes lubricating fluid and that

lines most organs inside the body.


The spread of cancer cells from the first tumor to another

body part.

multidisciplinary team

A team that includes a number of doctors and other health

care professionals who are experts in different areas of

cancer treatment.

neoadjuvant treatment

The treatment given before the main treatment used to cure



A period of testing right after treatment to check that

treatment worked, or testing to monitor cancer to decide

when to start treatment.

open biopsy

A procedure that uses a surgical cut to remove samples of

tissue or fluid to test for disease.


A gas in the air that the body needs to live.

parietal pleura

The outer layer of the tissue lining around the lungs.


A doctor who’s an expert in testing cells and tissue to find


perfusion scanning

A test that assesses blood flow in and out of the lungs.


The tissue lining around the heart.


The tissue lining around the organs in the belly area.


The tissue lining around the lungs.

pleural biopsy

The removal of a sample of the tissue lining around the

lungs to test for disease.

pleural catheter

A tube that drains fluid from the chest.