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Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma, Version 1.2014
Supportive care
Risk factors for mesothelioma
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Cancer can be very stressful. While
absorbing the fact that you have
cancer, you also must learn about
tests and treatments. In addition,
the time you have to decide on
a treatment plan may feel short.
Parts 1 through 6 aimed to teach
you about pleural mesothelioma.
Part 7 addresses issues related to
deciding on a treatment plan.
Benefits of a treatment plan
A treatment plan is a written course of action through
treatment and beyond. It can help you, your loved
ones, and your treatment team. A treatment plan is
useful for:
• Starting and guiding talks about treatment,
• Teaching what the treatment choices are,
• Informing everyone of the decisions made,
• Pinpointing who is in charge of each part of
• Controlling stress,
• Knowing what to expect,
• Changing from one doctor to another,
• Improving contact among your doctors, and
• Providing care for all issues.
Parts of a treatment plan
A treatment plan addresses all cancer care needs
while respecting your beliefs, wishes, and values.
It is likely to change and expand as you go through
Treatment pl ns
42 Benefits of a treatment plan
42 Parts of a treatment plan
44 Getting a 2
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