NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Mantle Cell Lymphoma

37 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Mantle Cell Lymphoma, 2017 Part 4 is a guide to the treatment options for mantle cell lymphoma. It starts with explaining a rare “watch and wait” approach. Then, treatment options by stage are listed. Your doctor may suggest other options based on your health and wishes. Fully discuss your options with your doctor. Watch and wait There are rare times when mantle cell lymphoma does not need to be treated right away. Instead, a “watch and wait” approach can be started. Watch and wait is a period of close observation to see if the cancer grows and treatment is needed. Watch and wait may be an option for mantle cell lymphoma that isn’t causing symptoms. It is more likely an option if you have a good performance score and the cancer prognosis is fairly good. Watch and wait may also be an option for slow- growing mantle cell lymphoma. As described in Part 1, these cancers have mutations in the IGHV region genes and often have low or absent SOX11 levels. 4 Treatment guide Watch and wait