NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Mantle Cell Lymphoma

59 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Mantle Cell Lymphoma, 2017 Acronyms 3D-CRT three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy 4D-CT four-dimensional computed tomography BTK Bruton’s tyrosine kinase CAM complementary and alternative medicine CBC complete blood count CNS central nervous system CT computed tomography DNA deoxyribonucleic acid EBRT external beam radiation therapy FDA Food and Drug Administration FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization FNA fine-needle aspiration GI gastrointestinal GVHD graft-versus-host disease GVT graft-versus-tumor HDT/ASCR high-dose therapy with autologous stem cell rescue HLA human leukocyte antigen IFRT involved-field radiation therapy IGHV immunoglobulin heavy-chain variable IGRT image-guided radiation therapy IHC immunohistochemistry IMRT intensity-modulated radiation therapy ISRT involved-site radiation therapy LDH lactate dehydrogenase LINAC linear accelerator MRI magnetic resonance imaging MUGA multi-gated acquisition NCCN ® National Comprehensive Cancer Network ® NK cell natural killer cell PET positron emission tomography TLS tumor lysis syndrome Acronyms