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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Mycosis Fungoides, Version 1.2016


Treatment planning

Physical exam

Physical exam

Doctors should perform a physical exam along with

taking a medical history. A physical exam is a study of

your body for signs of disease. During this exam, your

doctor will listen to your lungs, heart, and gut. Parts

of your body will likely be felt to see if organs are of

normal size, are soft or hard, or cause pain when


For mycosis fungoides, a skin exam of your total body

is needed. While mycosis fungoides is often confined

to the torso, this exam includes areas like your scalp,

between your legs, and toe webs. Your doctor will

note the type of skin lesions and assess how much

of your skin has lesions. He or she will also assess if

any lymph nodes or other organs are enlarged.

Chart 2.1 Care before treatment

Must haves

Sometimes useful

• Medical history

• Neck CT

• Physical exam with total body skin exam

• Bone marrow biopsy

• Complete blood count

• Biopsy of lymph nodes or other sites

• Comprehensive metabolic panel

• Repeat skin biopsy

• Lactate dehydrogenase

• Diagnostic CT or whole body PET/CT

based on skin, blood, and lymph node


• Pregnancy test if you can have babies