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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Mycosis Fungoides, Version 1.2016



Genetic counseling | Treatment


Treatment guide

Stage IV treatment

Chart 4.5.1

lists treatment options for stage IV

cancers. These cancers are often treated with one

or more systemic treatments. Radiation therapy may

follow to treat cancer in the skin.

Systemic options include targeted therapy and

chemotherapy. Which systemic treatment you will

receive partly depends on how fast the cancer is

growing. If systemic treatment works, you may

receive immunotherapy or targeted therapy for a

while to prolong the good results.

If treatment worked but the cancer came back, you

may receive the same systemic treatment as before.

People often have good results with the same

treatment. Allogeneic stem cell transplant may be an

option when receiving a second or third course of

systemic treatment. If one or two courses of systemic

treatment didn’t work, try another systemic treatment

listed in the chart.

You may have already tried multiple courses of

systemic treatment. Sometimes the cancer gets

worse despite systemic treatment. In either case,

joining a clinical trial may be an option. Ask your

treatment team about a clinical trial that is right for