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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma, Version 1.2016


Treatment planning

Heart tests | Fertility and pregnancy

Heart tests

Some cancer treatments can damage your heart.

Thus, your doctor may test how well your heart works

to plan treatment. If it isn’t working well, you may

receive other treatment.

An echocardiogram is an imaging test of your heart.

It uses sound waves (ultrasound) to make pictures.

During this test, you will be lying down. Small patches

will be placed on your chest to track your heartbeat.

Next, a probe with gel on its tip will be slid across part

of your bare chest. A picture of your beating heart

will be seen at once on a screen. The pictures will be

recorded for future viewing.







cquisition) scan measures

how well your heart is pumping blood. For this test,

patches will be placed on your chest to track your

heartbeat. Also, a radiotracer will be injected into

your vein. Pictures of your heart will be taken with a

special camera that can detect the radiation released

by the tracer.

Fertility and pregnancy

Some cancer treatments can limit your ability to have

a baby. If you want the choice of having babies after

treatment or are unsure, tell your doctors. It may also

help to talk with a fertility specialist before you begin

cancer treatment. A fertility specialist is an expert in

helping people have babies. The fertility specialist

can discuss with you how to have a baby after

treatment. Some methods of fertility preservation are

discussed next. If you are a woman of childbearing

age, important information on pregnancy is also


Sperm banking

Men who want to father children after cancer

treatment can use sperm banking. Sperm banking

stores semen for later use. This is done by freezing

semen with sperm in liquid nitrogen. Talk to your

treatment team about the costs of and how well

sperm banking works.

Egg freezing and more

Like sperm banking, a woman’s eggs can be

removed, frozen, and stored for later use. Your frozen

eggs can be fertilized with sperm beforehand. Also,

a part of your ovary that contains eggs can be frozen

and stored.

Pregnancy test

Some cancer treatments can harm an unborn baby.

Get a pregnancy test before treatment if you may be

pregnant now. Your treatment options will depend

on the results. During treatment, take steps to avoid

getting pregnant. Your doctors can tell you which birth

control methods are best to use while on treatment.