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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma, Version 1.2016



Genetic counseling | Treatment


Treatment guide

Anaplastic large cell ly phoma

Chart 4.2.3

lists second-line options that do include

a stem cell transplant. Second-line treatment is

received when first-line treatment didn’t work or the

cancer came back. A clinical trial is the preferred


The aim of the second option is to undergo a stem

cell transplant. The second option starts with treating

the cancer with cancer drugs. Regimens are listed

in the chart. The results of this treatment will be

assessed with tests.

There are three options if testing finds no signs

of cancer or the cancer is smaller. The first option

is to join a clinical trial of new drugs or of a stem

cell transplant. The second and third options are

an autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplant

outside of a clinical trial. Before or after the

chemotherapy portion of the transplant, you may

receive radiation therapy. More research is needed to

learn about the outcomes of these transplants.

If the cancer looks the same or worse after drug

treatment, there are 3 treatment options. The first

option is to join a clinical trial. The second option is

to receive another second-line drug regimen that is

listed in the chart. The third option is supportive care,

which might include radiation therapy to reduce the

symptoms of cancer.