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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Ovarian Cancer, Version 1.2017


Treatment guide

Carcinosarcoma (MMMT)

Guide 13. Carcinosarcoma (MMMT [malignant mixed Müllerian tumor] of the


Diagnosis Stage Adjuvant treatment options

Complete surgical


• Stage I-IV


• Chemotherapy (same used for epithelial, preferred)


• Cisplatin + ifosfamide


• Carboplatin + ifosfamide


• Paclitaxel + ifosfamide

Guide 13

shows that surgery is the main treatment

for a MMMT. Once surgery is complete and the

cancer stage is known, other treatment may be

offered. This next treatment is known as adjuvant

treatment — treatment given after the primary (first)

treatment for MMMT.

Adjuvant treatment options include different types

of chemotherapy. Some patients may benefit from

using the same types of chemotherapy drugs

recommended for epithelial ovarian cancer. This

may include the option of getting an IP regimen

of cisplatin and paclitaxel. See Guide 8 on

page 54 for a list of chemotherapy drugs that may

be recommended. Other drug combinations given as

adjuvant treatment include cisplatin and ifosfamide,

carboplatin and ifosfamide, or paclitaxel and


Surveillance and follow-up care follows the same

path as for epithelial ovarian cancer. See Guides

10 and 11 for follow-up tests, test results, and next

steps of care. Further treatment may be needed if the

cancer comes back (recurs). Your doctor will follow

you closely to watch for any signs or symptoms of

disease. If more treatment is needed, options may

include a clinical trial, recurrence treatment, and/or

best supportive.