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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Ovarian Cancer, Version 1.2017


Treatment guide

Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary

Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary

Guide 14. Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary

Stage Adjuvant treatment options

Stage IA-IC


• IV taxane/carboplatin for 3 to 6 cycles

Stage II-IV


• Chemotherapy (same used for epithelial)



• See Guide 17 and 18

Clear cell is one of the subtypes of epithelial ovarian

cancer. Most epilthelial ovarian cancers are the

serous subtype. The two other subtypes are

mucinous (see Guide 15) and endometriod

(see Guide 16). Clear cell is considered to be high

grade. Thus, it may grow and spread more quickly.

Guide 14

shows the stage and adjuvant treatment

options for clear cell carcinoma of the ovary. After

completion surgery, surgical staging, and possible

lymph node removal more treatment may follow.

Lymph node removal has been shown to be

beneficial for patients with this type of disease.

Adjuvant treatment options include chemotherapy

for stage IA to IV clear cell carcinoma of the ovary.

For stage IA to IC, an IV taxane (ie, docetaxel or

paclitaxel) and carboplatin is given for 3 to 6 cycles.

For stage II to IV, adjuvant treatment may have

similar options like those given to treat epithelial

ovarian cancer. (See Guide 8 on page 54 for possible

treatment options).

If the disease is considered borderline, treatment

options may include those recommended in

Guides 17 and 18 for borderline epithelial

tumors. The adjuvant treatment options are

fertility-sparing surgery, observation, hormone

therapy, or chemotherapy.