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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Ovarian Cancer, Version 1.2017


Making treatment decisions

Questions to ask your doctors

Questions to ask your doctors about treatment

1. What treatments do you recommend?

2. Will I have more than one treatment?

3. What are the risks and benefits of each treatment? What about side effects?

4. Will my age, general health, and other factors affect my treatment choices?

5. Would you help me get a 2



6. How soon should I start treatment? How long does treatment take?

7. Where will I be treated? Will I have to stay in the hospital or can I go home after each treatment?

8. What can I do to prepare for treatment?

9. What symptoms should I look out for during treatment?

10. How much will the treatment cost? How can I find out how much my insurance company will


11. How likely is it that I’ll be cancer-free after treatment?

12. What is the chance that the cancer will come back?

13. What should I do after I finish treatment?

14. Are there supportive services that I can get involved in? Support groups?