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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2017


Supportive care


An advance directive describes the treatment you’d

want if you weren’t able to make your wishes known.

It also can name a person whom you’d want to make

decisions for you. It is a legal paper that your doctors

have to follow. It can reveal your wishes about life-

sustaining machines, such as feeding tubes. It can

also include your treatment wishes if your heart or

lungs were to stop working. If you already have an

advance directive, it may need to be updated to be

legally valid.




Supportive care, also called palliative care, is

the treatment of the health conditions caused

by pancreatic cancer and its treatment.



A stent is a tiny tube that may be used to

unblock a bile duct or the stomach.



Pain may be treated with medication, a

nerve block, or radiation with or without




A registered dietitian who is an expert in

nutrition and food can help if it is hard for you to

eat or digest food.



Advance care planning starts with an honest

talk between you and your doctors.