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NCCN Guidelines for Patients



Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2017





The belly area between the chest and pelvis.

adjuvant treatment

Treatment given after the main treatment used to rid the

body of cancer.


Yellowish-brown fluid made by the liver to help digest food.

bile duct

A tiny tube or vessel in the body that drains digestive fluid

(bile) from the liver.

biliary bypass

Surgery to re-route the flow of bile, digestive fluid, from the

common bile duct into the small intestine.

biliary stent

A small, plastic or metal tube-shaped device used to

unblock a bile duct.


A yellow-brown substance that is removed from blood by the

liver and is part of bile.


Removal of a small amount of tissue from the body to be

tested for disease.

blood chemistry test

A test that measures the amount of certain substances in

the blood to check for signs of disease.

blood vessel

A tube that blood circulates through in the body.

borderline resectable

Cancer that is confined to the pancreas but approaches

nearby structures or has severe symptoms, raising concern

that it might or might not be possible to remove all the

cancer with surgery.


Surgery to re-route the flow of fluid in the body.

CA 19-9

Proteins made by cancer cells and found in blood.

cancer stage

A rating or description of the growth and spread of cancer in

the body.


The “building blocks” of tissues in the body.


Treatment that combines chemotherapy and radiation



Drugs that kill fast-growing cells throughout the body,

including cancer cells and normal cells.

chemotherapy cycle

Days of treatment followed by days of rest.


An infection of the bile ducts that drain digestive fluids out of

the liver.

clinical trial

Research on a test or treatment to assess its safety or how

well it works.

combination regimen

The use of two or more drugs.

common bile duct

A tiny tube that carries digestive fluid (bile) from the liver into

the small intestine, which absorbs nutrients from eaten food.

complementary medicine

Treatment that is given along with standard treatment but is

not considered standard treatment.

complete blood count

A test of the number of blood cells.

computed tomography (CT)

A test that uses x-rays from many angles to make a picture

of the inside of the body.


A dye put into your body to make clearer pictures during

imaging tests.