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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2014
There is more than one treatment for
pancreatic cancer. The main types
are described on the next pages. This
information may help you to use the
Treatment guide
in Part 5. It may also
help you know what to expect during
treatment. Not every person with
pancreatic cancer will receive every
treatment listed.
Surgery is an operation to remove or repair a part of
the body. Sometimes, surgery can be used as the
main treatment to remove pancreatic cancer. NCCN
experts recommend that surgery for pancreatic
cancer should only be done at a hospital that does
more than 15 pancreatic surgeries each year.
Hospitals that perform many pancreatic surgeries
often have better results.
There are three types of surgery used for pancreatic
cancer. The type of surgery you receive depends
on where the tumor is in the pancreas. The goal of
surgery is to remove all of the cancer. To do so, the
tumor is removed along with some normal-looking
tissue around its edge. The normal-looking tissue is
called the surgical margin. A clear margin is when no
cancer cells are found in the normal-looking tissue
around the edge of the tumor. This is also referred
to as a negative margin. A positive margin is when
cancer cells are found in the normal-looking tissue.
Overview of cancer
24 Surgery
26 Radiation therapy
28 Chemotherapy
28 Targeted therapy
30 Clinical trials
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