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Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2014
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Pancreatic cancer testing
5.1 Pancreatic cancer testing
Part 5.1 describes the tests that are recommended to
confirm (diagnose) pancreatic cancer and see how far
it has spread. The extent of the cancer affects which
treatment is best for you.
For pancreatic cancer, imaging tests are used to
determine the extent of cancer. Imaging tests take
pictures of the inside of the body.
Chart 5.1.1
shows the initial tests that are
recommended for pancreatic cancer. Testing is
started when signs of pancreatic cancer are found by
your doctors.
Initial tests
The first test recommended to check for pancreatic
cancer is a special type of CT or MRI scan called a
pancreatic protocol. A pancreatic protocol scan is
done in a special way so that it specifically focuses
on the pancreas. It allows doctors to clearly see the
pancreas, nearby blood vessels, and very tiny tumors.
The pictures made by these tests may show if there
is a tumor in your pancreas. (Read Part 2 on page
14 for more details on CT and MRI.) The next tests
recommended depend on whether or not the initial
imaging tests show a tumor in your pancreas.
Initial tests
Test results
Next tests
Imaging tests do
not show tumor
in pancreas,
but cancer is
still suspected
Chart 5.1.1 Tests to confirm pancreatic cancer
Imaging tests
show tumor
in pancreas
• Biopsy to confirm
• Multidisciplinary review,
• Possible EUS,
• Liver function tests, and
• Chest imaging tests
• Liver function tests,
• Chest imaging tests,
• EUS, and/or
• MRI/MRCP or ERCP as needed
• Biopsy to confirm, and
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