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Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2014
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Resectable pancreatic cancer
5.2 Resectable pancreatic cancer
Part 5.2 describes the tests and treatments that are
recommended for cancer that is only in the pancreas.
This is called local pancreatic cancer and it can be
removed by surgery. Cancer that can be removed
by surgery is referred to as “resectable.” Cancer
that can’t be removed by surgery is referred to as
“unresectable.” Surgery is only recommended if it’s
very likely that all the cancer can be removed with no
cancer cells left behind.
Chart 5.2.1
shows the recommended treatments for
cancer that is in the pancreas only. Primary treatment
is the first or main treatment used to rid your body
of cancer. Surgery is the primary treatment for local
pancreatic cancer that does not involve nearby blood
Before surgery to remove the cancer, your doctors
may want to do a surgical test called a staging
laparoscopy. It is used to see how far the cancer
has spread and to confirm if all the cancer can be
removed by surgery. Laparoscopy may find cancer
that was not found by other tests. Your doctors may
consider this test if you are at higher risk of having
Primary treatment
Cancer can’t
be removed
with surgery
Chart 5.2.1 Primary treatment with surgery
Adjuvant treatment
If no jaundice:
Possible duodenal
bypass + nerve block
If jaundice:
Stent or biliary bypass +
Duodenal bypass +
Nerve block for pain
Biopsy if
not done
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