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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2014
Treatment guide
Borderline resectable pancreatic cancer
If you do have jaundice, your doctor may place
a stent to unblock the bile duct so the bile—and
bilirubin—can drain out. Or, you may have a biliary
bypass. This is a surgery to re-route bile flow around
the blocked part of the bile duct. Other treatments
may include a duodenal bypass and nerve block as
described in the previous paragraph.
The next treatment options depend on how far the
cancer has spread. Cancer that has spread outside
the pancreas to nearby blood vessels or other tissues
and can’t be removed by surgery is called locally
advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer. Cancer
that has spread outside the pancreas to far sites in
the body is called metastatic pancreatic cancer.
Next steps:
If the cancer was removed by surgery,
see Chart 5.3.4 for adjuvant treatment
recommendations. If the cancer
couldn’t be removed by surgery,
see Part 5.4 for locally advanced
unresectable cancer treatment
recommendations, or see Part 5.5
for metastatic cancer treatment
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