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Pancreatic Cancer, Version 1.2014
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Locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer
5.4 Locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer
Part 5.4 describes the tests and treatments that are
recommended for cancer that has spread outside the
pancreas to nearby blood vessels or other tissues
and can’t be removed by surgery. This is called locally
advanced unresectable.
Cancer that can be removed by surgery is called
resectable. Cancer that can’t be removed by surgery
is called unresectable.
Chart 5.4.1
shows the recommended pretreatment
steps for locally advanced unresectable pancreatic
cancer. The pretreatment process may include some
tests and managing symptoms caused by the cancer.
Before beginning cancer treatment, a biopsy is
recommended to confirm pancreatic cancer if not
done previously. A biopsy is the removal of a sample
of tissue from your body to test for cancer cells.
(Read Part 2 on page 19 for details.)
Results and symptom control
If a biopsy confirms pancreatic cancer,
then the
next step is to treat symptoms caused by the cancer.
One common symptom is jaundice—a yellowing
of the skin and eyes due to a buildup of bilirubin in
the blood. Bilirubin is a yellow-brown substance in
Results and symptom control
Chart 5.4.1 Pretreatment tests and symptom control
Biopsy to
confirm cancer
if not done
Cancer not
Repeat biopsy to confirm
cancer, EUS-FNA preferred
If jaundice:
place stent
If jaundice:
place stent with
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