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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Prostate Cancer, Version 1.2016


Prostate cancer basics

Cancer's threat

Figure 3.

Normal cell growth vs.

cancer cell growth

Normal cells increase in number

when they are needed and die

when old or damaged. In contrast,

cancer cells quickly make new

cells and live longer because of

abnormal changes in genes.

Figure 2.

Genetic material in cells

Most human cells contain the

“blueprint of life”—the plan by

which our bodies are made and

work. The plan is found inside of

chromosomes, which are long

strands of DNA that are tightly

wrapped around proteins. Genes

are small pieces of DNA that

contain instructions for building

new cells and controlling how cells

behave. Humans have about 24,000

genes. Some prostate cancers

occur from abnormal changes in

genes called mutations.

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