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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Prostate Cancer, Version 1.2016

is decreased by half. If you have average health, no

change is made.

See Figure 8

for examples. This

method may correctly predict length of life for a large

group of men, but it can’t predict without a doubt what

will happen to you. Even so, it gives a starting point

for suggesting treatment options.

Most prostate cancers diagnosed in America are

found using PSA and are slow growing. Growth of

prostate cancer can be estimated with tests. You

and your doctor should begin talking about prostate

cancer by comparing your life expectancy versus the

threat to you by the prostate cancer.


Treatment planning

Life expectancy

Figure 8.

Life expectancy

To help assess what

tests and treatments

you need, your doctor

may determine the

number of years you

will likely live. These

years are called your

life expectancy. How

many years a man is

likely to live depends

on his age and health.