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1 of 2 NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm Bladder Cancer, 2019 This NCCNQUICK GUIDE tm sheet summarizes key points from the complet e NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Bladder Cancer. T hese guidelines explain which tests and treatments are recommended by experts in cancer. To view and download the guidelines, visit NCC N.or g/ patients or, to order printed copies, visit What is bladder cancer? „„ Bladder cancer is the 6 th most common cancer in the U.S. It is more common in men than women. Most people are diagnosed in their 70s. „„ The most common type of bladder cancer is called urothelial carcinoma because it starts in urothelial cells that line the inside of the bladder. „„ There is a thick layer of muscle in the bladder wall called the detrusor muscle. If the tumor reaches and invades this layer, it is called muscle-invasive bladder cancer. „„ Cancer cells can spread throughout the body to form new tumors. If this happens, it is metastatic bladder cancer. 8 Which tests are used to diagnose bladder cancer? Testing for suspected bladder cancer includes: „„ Cystoscopy is a procedure to see inside the bladder and other organs of the urinary tract using a tool inserted through the urethra. „„ Urine cytology involves examining a sample of urine under a microscope to look for cancer cells. „„ Imaging tests of the abdomen and pelvis „„ Transurethral resection of the bladder tumor (TURBT) is a procedure that allows tumors on the bladder wall to be removed through the urethra, without cutting through the abdominal/pelvic skin. „„ Bimanual examination of the bladder under anesthesia allows your doctor to feel and examine your bladder and nearby organs with both hands from inside your body. 10 How is bladder cancer staged? „„ The most commonly used staging system for bladder cancer is the tumor, node, metastasis (TNM) system. There are 5 overall stages of bladder cancer: 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Stage 0 and 1 are non-muscle-invasive. Stages 2, 3, and early stage 4 are muscle-invasive. 17 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® Page Number Ü NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm Bladder Cancer Urothelial Carcinoma 2019