NCCN Quick Guide™ | Follicular Lymphoma Grade 1-2

2 of 2 NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm Follicular Lymphoma Grade 1–2, 2017 PAT-N-1010-0917 What are the options for typical type? Stages I and II „„ Small tumors confined to a small area ISRT ( i nvolved- s ite r adiation t herapy) „„ Large tumors or tumors within a large area Immunotherapy ± chemotherapy ± ISRT Watch and wait 37 „„ You may start follow-up care if the cancer is fully or partly treated. If treatment didn’t work, the options below are advised. 38 Stages III and IV „„ First-line treatment Wait and watch for some people Chemoimmunotherapy is standard care Clinical trial Local radiation therapy 39 „„ You may receive extra treatment and start follow-up care if the cancer is fully or partly treated. 40 „„ Second-line treatment First-line treatments except for watch and wait Targeted therapy Fludarabine-containing and other regimens 42 „„ For partly or fully treated cancer, you may receive more treatment for better results. Options include rituximab alone, blood stem cell transplant, or obinutuzumab. 44 What are the options for pediatric type? „„ Surgery to remove the tumor (excision) „„ Radiation therapy called ISRT „„ Chemoimmunotherapy called RCHOP 44 What are some tips for making good treatment decisions? Ask your doctors many questions. Also, you could get a second opinion, attend support groups, and compare pros and cons. 47 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® Page Number Ü - for Clinicians | - for Patients DONATENOW The NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm series and NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® are supported by charitable donations made to the NCCN Foundation ® . For more details and the full library of patient and caregiver resources, visit