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2 of 2 NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm Mantle Cell Lymphoma, 2019 PAT-N-1173-0719 What are options for initial treatment? Stages I and II „„ Involved-site radiation therapy 24 „„ Chemoimmunotherapy with involved-site radiation therapy „„ Chemoimmunotherapy „„ Watch and wait in certain cases Stages II bulky, III, and IV „„ Clinical trial „„ Chemoimmunotherapy followed by autologous transplant and maintenance rituximab „„ Chemoimmunotherapy with or without maintenance rituximab „„ Watch and wait for slow-growing cancers What are options for second-line treatment? „„ Clinical trial 26 „„ Radiation therapy „„ Second-line regimens, which consist of one or more of these drugs: kinase inhibitor, immunomodulator, chemotherapy, or rituximab How can you decide between options? „„ Don’t be shy and ask your doctors questions. They are there to help. „„ Get a second opinion. Even doctors get second opinions. „„ Support groups can be helpful. You can learn a lot from others. „„ Compare the pros and cons of each option. 29 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® Page Number Ü - for Patients | - for Clinicians The NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm series and NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® are supported by charitable donations made to the NCCN Foundation ® . For more details and the full library of patient and caregiver resources, visit DONATE NOW