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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Version 1.2014


A pathologist will assess the surgical margin for

cancer cells. Many people will not have more

treatment if cancer isn’t found. Only when the cancer

is likely to return will your doctors suggest to have

radiation therapy.

Some margins have cancer cells that aren’t seen with

the naked eye. Instead, cancer cells are found with

a microscope. In this case, you may have radiation

therapy to kill any remaining cells. However, if you

had radiation therapy before surgery, only a radiation

boost may be given.

Many sarcomas are removed with cancer that can be

seen at the margin. This occurs because the tumor

is close to important structures. Examples of such

structures include large blood vessels or nerves. A

second surgery to remove the remaining cancer may

be an option. If surgery isn’t possible, there are other

treatments. Read

Treatment without surgery

on page


for more information.

Chart 3.1.2

lists care after cancer treatment has

ended. You should have follow-up tests to check if

the cancer has returned. Getting follow-up tests can

help find cancer early. Cancer is more likely to be

cured if found early. Follow-up tests include a physical

exam and imaging of your abdomen and pelvis. If the

cancer is likely to spread to your lungs, you may get

imaging tests of the chest.


Sarcomas in the inner trunk

Treatment with surgery