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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Version 1.2014





A molecule within a chemical pathway that starts cell growth.


The area of the body between the hipbones.

physical exam

A review of the body by a health expert for signs of disease.

physical therapist

An expert in helping people move better.

plain radiograph

A test that uses x-rays to make a picture of the insides of the


plastic surgeon

A doctor who’s an expert in operations to improve function

and appearance.

positron emission tomography (PET)

A test that uses radioactive material to see the shape and

function of body parts.

primary treatment

The main treatment used to rid the body of cancer.

primary tumor

The first mass of cancer cells in the body.


The expected pattern and outcome of a disease based on



The growth or spread of cancer after being tested or treated.

radiation oncologist

A doctor who’s an expert in radiation treatment.

radiation therapy

The use of radiation to treat cancer.


A doctor who’s an expert in imaging tests.


The space in front of the spine in the lower trunk.


Cancer that starts in bones or soft tissue of the body.


A drug that helps a person to relax or go to sleep.

side effect

An unhealthy or unpleasant physical or emotional response

to treatment.


The steps needed to prepare for treatment with radiation.

social worker

An expert in meeting social and emotional needs.

soft tissue sarcoma

Cancer that starts in tissue that supports, connects, and

surrounds parts of your body.

stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)

Treatment with radiation that is delivered with precise, high-

dose beams.

succinate dehydrogenase (SDH)

A protein within cells.

supportive care

Treatment for symptoms of a disease. Also called palliative



An operation to remove or repair a part of the body.

surgical margin

The normal-looking tissue around the edge of a tumor that is

removed during surgery.

targeted therapy

Treatment with drugs that target a specific or unique feature

of cancer cells.

thoracic surgeon

A doctor who’s an expert in operations within the chest.

Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy


Treatment with radiation that uses beams matched to the

shape of the tumor.


An abnormal change in cells that causes Li-Fraumeni



A test that uses sound waves to take pictures of the insides

of the body.