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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Breast Cancer - Carcinoma in Situ

(stage 0)

, Version 1.2016

Figure 2.1 Mammogram

Mammograms are pictures of the insides of your

breasts. They are often easy to get. Before the

test, don’t use deodorants, perfumes, powders,

or lotions on your breasts and armpits or wash

them off. These products can make the pictures

unclear. You will also need to remove your top

and bra.

In the exam room, a technician will tell you how

to place your body next to the machine. Your

breast will be placed onto a flat surface, called

a plate. A second plate will be lowered onto

your breast to flatten it. This may be painful but

it gets the least fuzzy picture of your breast.

Pictures will be taken from a camera that is

attached to the two plates. Mammograms of

both breasts take about 20 minutes to complete.

The pictures are either printed on film or saved

on a computer. An expert in mammograms,

called a radiologist, will view the pictures. He or

she will report the test findings to your doctor.



Health tests

Bilateral diagnostic mammogram

A mammogram is a picture of the insides of your

breast. The pictures are made using x-rays.

Mammograms that are used for breast cancer

screening are often made from two x-rays of

each breast. A computer combines the x-rays to

make detailed pictures.

See Figure 2.1

for more


Many women with LCIS have had a bilateral

diagnostic mammogram. If you haven’t had this test,

it is advised. A bilateral mammogram is a picture of

each breast. Diagnostic mammograms are made

with more x-rays from different angles than screening

mammograms. By using more x-rays, the picture is

clearer and can better show if there is more than one


Diagram showing a woman having a mammogram by Cancer Research UK available at


showing_a_woman_having_a_mammogram_CRUK_089.svg under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International