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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Breast Cancer - Carcinoma in Situ

(stage 0)

, Version 1.2016



Breast cancer treatment

Figure 3.2 DCIS treatments

Surgery that removes the tumor is the central part of treatment for DCIS. Lumpectomy with

radiation therapy (breast-conserving therapy) is an option for many women. Very few women

can have lumpectomy alone. Total mastectomy is another option. Often, a sentinel lymph node

biopsy is done with mastectomy.


This surgery removes the tumor and normal-

looking tissue around its edge.

Total mastectomy

This surgery removes the whole breast.

Sentinel lym

ph no

de biopsy

This surgery removes the lymph nodes to

which breast cancer first spreads.

Radiation therapy

This treatment uses high-energy rays to

destroy cancer cells.