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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Breast Cancer - Carcinoma in Situ

(stage 0)

, Version 1.2016


Making treatment decisions

Weighing your options

to make decisions. They also aim to help you think

about what’s important based on your values and


A listing of decision aids can be found at

decisionaid. .

Decision aids specific to

carcinoma in situ of the breast are:

Genetic testing: Breast-conserving therapy vs. mastectomy: Breast reconstruction after mastectomy:

Support groups

Besides talking to health experts, it may help to talk

to patients who have walked in your shoes. Support

groups often consist of people at different stages of

treatment. Some may be in the process of deciding

while others may be finished with treatment. At

support groups, you can ask questions and hear

about the experiences of other women with breast


Compare benefits and downsides

Every option has benefits and downsides. Consider

these when deciding which option is best for you.

Talking to others can help identify benefits and

downsides you haven’t thought of. Scoring each

factor from 0 to 10 can also help since some factors

may be more important to you than others.