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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Stage 0 Breast Cancer, Version 1.2014
When you have a choice:
Breast conserving therapy vs. total mastectomy
Most women with DCIS have a choice of treatment. When deciding which treatment to have,
consider all the facts. It is important to know that breast-conserving therapy works as well as
a total mastectomy to treat DCIS. Instead, weigh the known pros and cons of each treatment.
Some are listed below. The decision aids listed on page 38 may also help.
Total mastectomy
1. Reconstruct whole breast
2. Although it’s no better than breast-
conserving therapy, worry about
recurrence may be less
3. Less likely to need radiation therapy
1. Loss of breast
2. Longer healing time after surgery
3. Side effects likely to be more serious
than for breast-conserving therapy
(eg, more swelling)
Breast-conserving therapy
1. Natural look of your skin is kept
2. Can feel sensations in your breast since
not all breast tissue is removed
3. Quicker healing time after surgery
1. Shapes of breasts may not match
2. Weeks of radiation and its side effects
3. Lumpectomy may not remove all DCIS
so a second surgery may be needed
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