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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Stage 0 Breast Cancer, Version 1.2014
30 After lumpectomy
31 After mastectomy
32 Review
Some women choose to have breast
reconstruction after a lumpectomy or
mastectomy. Breast reconstruction
means putting implants in or moving
tissues from other body parts to make a
more normal-looking breast mound.
Other women use external fake breasts or do
nothing. Part 4 gives the NCCN recommendations
for breast reconstruction. Talk with your doctor
about these options. For more information on breast
reconstruction, visit the websites listed in Part 5.
After lumpectomy
Volume displacement
If you will have a lumpectomy, your breast can be
re-shaped using volume displacement. Volume
displacement is the shifting of the remaining breast
tissue so as to fill the hole left by the lumpectomy.
Shifting of the breast tissue is often done right after
the lumpectomy by the cancer surgeon. A larger
piece of breast tissue is removed for a volume
displacement, but this likely reduces your chances
of cancer returning in that breast. Another benefit is
that the natural look of your breast is kept. If you don’t
like the results of the volume displacement, having
breast revision surgery may help. Breast revision
surgery is done by a plastic surgeon. You may have
another volume displacement, or you may want to get
implants or flaps, which are described below.
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