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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Breast Cancer - Early-Stage


, Version 1.2016

Surgery to remove cancer is a central

part of treatment for stages I and II

breast cancer. Part 3 explains which

methods of removing the cancer may

be options for you. It also provides

some details on ways to rebuild

breasts after cancer surgery.

Breast cancer that is stage I or II has not spread far if

at all. As such, surgery to remove cancer in the breast

and in any lymph nodes is a central part of treatment.

In the section

Breast tumor surgery

, the two options

for removing tumors from the breast are presented.

Surgeries that remove lymph nodes are discussed in

the section

Lymph node surgery


You may want to have your breasts re-shaped or re-

made after the breast cancer is removed. The section

Breast reconstruction

contains information that may

be of help.

Surgery is a “local treatment” since it treats cancer

in a small part of your body. Most women will have

another type of treatment after surgery to prevent the

cancer from returning. Such treatments are presented

in Parts 4 through 7.


Breast cancer


30 Breast tumor surgery

34 Lymph node surgery

38 Breast reconstruction

40 Review