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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Breast Cancer - Early-Stage


, Version 1.2016

Follow-up care is important. It is done

to assess your general health, find

new breast tumors early, and check

for side effects of treatment. You

may still be taking a HER2 inhibitor

or endocrine therapy when follow-up

care starts.

Cancer tests

Medical history and physical exam

As noted in

Chart 7.1

, a medical history and physical

exam are needed after cancer treatment is finished.

Your doctor will take a history and do an exam at

follow-up visits. These visits should occur between

1 and 4 times a year as needed for the first 5 years.

If results are normal, you should then have these

visits every year starting in the 6


year after cancer


During your visit with your doctor, tell him or her about

any new or worse symptoms you have. There may be

ways to get relief. If there are changes in your family

history of cancer, you should tell your doctor, who

may refer you to a genetic counselor.


Follow-up care

76 Cancer tests

78 Care for side effects

79 Healthy lifestyle

80 Review