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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Breast Cancer - Early-Stage


, Version 1.2016


Follow-up care

Cancer tests

Imaging tests

A mammogram should be done each year after

lumpectomy or breast-conserving therapy. If you had

radiation, your first mammogram should be at least 6

months after you complete radiation. Mammograms

can also be used to screen for cancer in a breast

that hasn’t had cancer. In contrast, mammograms

aren’t needed if you had your breasts removed by

mastectomy. Likewise, imaging of reconstructed

breasts on a regular basis isn’t needed. Screening for

metastases with imaging and lab tests isn’t needed

unless signs or symptoms that suggest there’s cancer


Chart 7.1 Long-term health care

Type of care

Schedule of care

Medical history and physical exam

• Between

1–4 times a year as needed for the first 5 years

after treatment

◦◦ If results are normal, then repeat every year starting in the



year after treatment


• If you had radiation therapy, start 6–12 months after radiation

ends and repeat test every 12 months

• If you didn't have radiation therapy, every 12 months

Lab and imaging tests for metastases

• If signs and symptoms appear

Adherence check

• On a regular basis

GYN exam if:

• Taking tamoxifen, and

• Uterus is intact

• Every 12 months

Bone mineral density test if:

• Taking aromatase inhibitor, or

• Treatment-related menopause

• Baseline test then get tested on a regular basis

Lymphedema care

• As needed

Healthy lifestyle

• As often as you can