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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Stomach Cancer, Version 1.2016


Cancer staging

12 TNM scores

16 The 5 stages

18 Review

Cancer staging is a rating by your

doctors of how far the cancer has

grown and spread. The rating is

based on test results. Doctors plan

additional tests and treatment based

on how much the cancer has grown.

In Part 2, the scoring system used for

cancer staging is explained.

TNM scores

The AJCC (






ommittee on



staging system is used to stage stomach cancer.

Tumors that occur in the EGJ are staged according to

esophageal cancers. Read the

NCCN Guidelines for

Patients: Esophageal Cancer

for more information.

In the AJCC system, the letters T, N, and M describe

a different location of cancer growth. Your doctors

will assign a score to each letter. TNM scores will

be combined to assign the cancer a stage. The

cancer stage is used to assess the prognosis of the

cancer and to decide what treatments will be used. A

prognosis is the outlook (prediction) of the pattern and

outcome of a disease.