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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Stomach Cancer, Version 1.2016

Guide 7. Next treatment after surgery only

Surgical results

Pathologic stage

What are my options?

No cancer is in the surgical margin

T1b, N0, M0

• Start follow-up care

T2, N0, M0

• Start follow-up care, or

• Chemoradiation if cancer is likely to return

T1, N1–N3, M0

T2, N1–N3, M0

T3, Any N, M0

T4, Any N, M0

• Chemoradiation, or

• Chemotherapy if D2 lymph nodes removed

Cancer is in the surgical margin Any

• Chemoradiation

Some cancer remains in or near

your stomach


• Chemoradiation, or

• Supportive care

Cancer is found in distant sites


• Supportive care


Treatment guide

Locoregional cancer