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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Stomach Cancer, Version 1.2016


Treatment guide

Locoregional cancer

Guide 9

lists follow-up care after cancer treatment.

Follow-up care is started when there are no signs of

cancer after treatment.

Updates of your medical history and physical exams

should be done regularly. Blood tests, CT scans, and

upper GI endoscopy are only done when needed.

Due to surgery, you may not be getting enough

nutrients. You should be tested for low B12, iron,

and other levels. Treatment should be received as



The cancer may return during follow-up care. This is

called a recurrence. Treatment options are based on

where the cancer returned.

Cancer that returns near to where the stomach is (or

was) is called locoregional cancer. Surgery may be an

option if you are healthy enough.

Otherwise, supportive care is advised for locoregional

and metastatic cancer. Supportive care is addressed

in the next section,

Metastatic cancer