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NCCN Guidelines for Patients


Stomach Cancer, Version 1.2016

You’ve learned that you have stomach

cancer. It’s common to feel shocked

and confused. Part 1 reviews some

basics that may help you learn about

stomach cancer. These basics may

also help you start planning for



Stomach cancer


7 The stomach

8 A disease of cells

9 Cancer’s threat

10 Review

The journey I’ve been on is

surely one I never expected to

be on. It’s been overwhelming,

scary, and very intense at times.

I’m so happy this guide is there

for you- to help you while you

are on this journey that I’m sure

you, too, never expected to be

on. I hope it brings you peace

and reassurance especially when

things seem a little unsure.

Heather Huus

Advocate, No Stomach For Cancer